Just Remember — It Could Always Be Worse: Happy Awkward Thanksgiving! (PHOTO)

Awkward Family Photos
It’s what’s for dinner

There are some Thanksgiving celebrations that are just too awkward to be called celebrations. Some are literally more fake than others. And some are so painfully real, you wish they were fake.

The hilarious folks over at Awkward Family Photos seem to have this way of coaxing the awkward of out people. Or at least coaxing them into sending in photos of their awkward family situations.

If you’re dreading your family’s Thanksgiving gathering, just remember: it could always be worse.

Not sure? Take a look at these 10 turkey-day gems:

  • Little Turkey Boy 1 of 10
    Little Turkey Boy
    It's what's for dinner.
  • Fowl Play 2 of 10
    Fowl Play
    You're (all) outta here.
  • Little Pilgrim 3 of 10
    Little Pilgrim
    Lynching: The darker side of Thanksgiving Day.
  • Sketchy 4 of 10
    Don't be shy; tell us how you really feel about family togetherness.
  • Skivvies 5 of 10
    What's not appropriate about family members stripping down for posterity after a large meal?
  • Drumsticks 6 of 10
    It's like playing Chopsticks, only much more violently.
  • Home for the Holidays 7 of 10
    Home for the Holidays
    Making memories (or nightmares. Whichever.).
  • The Mayflowers . . . 8 of 10
    The Mayflowers . . .
    . . . and the Sourpusses.
  • Tryptophania 9 of 10
    The best part of the holiday.
  • Thanksgiving 3D 10 of 10
    Thanksgiving 3D
    Hey, you gotta figure out some way to entertain yourself at dinner after Uncle Mike passes out in the cranberry mold.

All photos used with permission from Awkward Family Photos


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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