Keep Calm and Carry On with a Disney Flair – Collection of 25 Posters

Keep Calm and Carry On.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you have probably seen this phrase some where. From posters to pillows, billboards to pinterest boards the phrase has really taken off and everyone is making it their own. If you haven’t heard the origin of this viral poster, it’s an interesting story. The Disney Community has really embraced the whole “Keep Calm” thing too. Keep Calm and Dole Whip anyone??? We have seen so many creative ways to spin this classic, that we decided to gather them all up in one place for you to enjoy!

Keep Calm and Check out this Gallery of Disney Memes.


  • KEEP CALM… 1 of 26
    And Don't Touch The Spinning Wheel, But do Check Out These Fun Disney Memes
  • KEEP CALM… 2 of 26
    And Think Disney
  • KEEP CALM… 3 of 26
    And Spin On
  • KEEP CALM… 4 of 26
    And Look Out For Hitchhiking Ghosts
  • KEEP CALM… 5 of 26
    And Dole Whip
  • KEEP CALM… 6 of 26
    And Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me
  • KEEP CALM… 7 of 26
    And Hakuna Matata
  • KEEP CALM… 8 of 26
    And Wish Upon A Star
  • KEEP CALM… 9 of 26
    And Follow Your Heart
  • KEEP CALM… 10 of 26
    And Please Stand Clear Of The Doors
  • KEEP CALM… 11 of 26
    And Kiss A Frog
  • KEEP CALM… 12 of 26
    And Just Keep Swimming
  • KEEP CALM… 13 of 26
    'Cause I Can Fix It
  • KEEP CALM… 14 of 26
    Because The Prince Is Giving A Ball
  • KEEP CALM… 15 of 26
    And Catch A Snipe
  • KEEP CALM… 16 of 26
    And Where's Perry?
  • KEEP CALM… 17 of 26
    And Never Grow Up
  • I’d Like To KEEP CALM 18 of 26
    But They Just Can't Get My Nose Right
  • KEEP CALM… 19 of 26
    And Don't Eat The Apple
  • KEEP CALM… 20 of 26
    And Kiss The Girl
  • KEEP CALM… 21 of 26
    And Stay As Mad As A Hatter
  • KEEP CALM… 22 of 26
    And Feed The Birds
  • KEEP CALM… 23 of 26
    And Go To Disneyland
  • KEEP CALM… 24 of 26
    It's A Small World After All
  • KEEP CALM… 25 of 26
    And Watch A Pixar Movie
  • KEEP CALM… 26 of 26
    And Talk To Mice...


Keep Calm and make your own poster.



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