Keep Calm and Use The Force – 25 Star Wars Posters

Keep Calm and Carry… A Lightsaber???

When we started gathering up graphics for our Keep Calm and Disney On post, we thought it’d be fun to throw in a few Star Wars posters. To honor all the amazing fans, we’ve dedicated a whole slideshow just for them. From Yoda’s wise words to joining the Dark Side… There is plenty of fun to be had with this collection of artwork found around the web.

Then we learned about Star Wars Day. What is Star Wars Day? Well,  it’s just a play-on-words: May The “Fourth” Be With You. Go ahead say it out loud. That is sure to make you smile! Also, don’t forget about Star Wars Weekends at Disney Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. Be a part of the Star Wars universe from May 17th to June 9th 2013.  And check out the 20 Coolest Star Wars x Disney Mash-Ups.

Keep Calm and Use The Force.


  • KEEP CALM… 1 of 19
    And Use The Force
  • KEEP CALM… 2 of 19
    Carry On You Will
  • KEEP CALM… 3 of 19
    And Carry A Lightsaber
  • KEEP CALM… 4 of 19
    And OBI WAN
  • KEEP CALM… 5 of 19
    And Bleep Bloop Bleep
  • KEEP CALM… 6 of 19
    And Carrie Fisher
  • KEEP CALM… 7 of 19
    And Search For Droids
  • KEEP CALM… 8 of 19
    And A Jedi Will You Be
  • KEEP CALM… 9 of 19
    And Strike Back
  • KEEP CALM… 10 of 19
    Join The Dark Side
  • KEEP CALM… 11 of 19
    And Give A Kiss To Daddy
  • KEEP CALM… 12 of 19
    The Force With You It Is
  • KEEP CALM… 13 of 19
    And Shoot First
  • KEEP CALM… 14 of 19
    I Am Your Father
  • KEEP CALM… 15 of 19
    You Must Keep And Carry On You Will
  • KEEP CALM… 16 of 19
    And C-3PO On
  • KEEP CALM… 17 of 19
    And Support The Troops
  • KEEP CALM… 18 of 19
    And Carry On
  • KEEP CALM… 19 of 19
    And Move Along


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