Keep Your Kid in a Motorized Suitcase!

baby-suitcaseThank goodness this is just a conceptual model. That said, what kind of concept is an enclosed suitcase for carting your baby around?

Was someone watching Criminal Minds when they thought this thing up?

Featured on Yanko Design (and brought to our attention by Gizmodo), the Smart Baby Case is a wheelie case with a see-through window on the front and gizmos and gadgets inside. It will rock your baby for you! And don’t forget the “smart diaper,” which will actually flush away their pee and poop so you don’t have to actually touch the ick yourself.

An editor’s note put up after it started getting attention warns people have misunderstood the purpose of the design. It’s not to keep kids in forever (oh thank goodness) but “is just a device which can provide a safe and healthy condition during 2 or 3 hours while you can’t change your baby or staying in some poor facilities or places during a trip or airport.”

Because wouldn’t it be easier to ignore the pain in the butt for two or three hours? Sure, we’re going for convenience these days, but isn’t this a little bit like feeding your kid to the virtual wolves?

Two or three hours of staring at you through the window and not being able to touch you, and we’re thinking the payback is going to be one nasty diaper.

Image: Yanko Design

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