Kentucky Educators Embarrass Themselves By Misspelling “Kentucky”


New Yorkers are gruff. Coloradans are stoned. Oregonians are hippies. Idahoans eat a lot of potatoes. West Virginians marry their cousins. You get the picture.

Every state has a stereotype. Kentucky is known for the Derby, bourbon, mint juleps, and maybe for not always scoring on the high end of reading and math tests. At least that’s the perception by some.

Not helping Kentucky’s cause at the moment are state educators. You know, the people whose job it is to ensure students are thoroughly taught how to read, write, add, and subtract. According to WDRB.com, the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority sent out books to all high school juniors in the state that outlined college-preparation requirements.

The good news is that state is bucking their stereotype by even having a college-prep handbook. The bad news is that “Kentucky is spelled “Kentucy” on the book’s spine, and that misspelling “Kentucky” on the book’s spine makes it seem as if it were published by the folks over at The Onion.

The KHEAA is choosing not to re-print the books since it would cost $70,000, and obviously that money would be better spent elsewhere, such as on a proofreader for next year’s book. Or a computer program with spell check.

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has an introductory note at the front of the book, which praises the work of the KHEAA, calling it “the state’s premier college planning and financial aid publication for high school students.” No word on if he’s demanding a retraction.

Maybe — just maybe — if some of the folks at the KHEAA had fewer bourbons and mint juleps they might have an easier time identifying spelling mistakes. Or just the really crucial ones.

Image via WDRB.com

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