Kid Licks NYC Subway Rail From End To End

Kid Licks NYC Subway Rail From End To End via Babble
You wanna rip you eyes our right about now, don't you?

There must be some kind of gross fairy in parenting news this week. Earlier, I covered the deal with restaurant ratings and what lurks in your favorite kitchen. Now, I bring more nasty news, courtesy of a few local teens.

We all know that teens do stupid things, plain and simple. They play pranks and one another and take on challenges, which they think makes them appear “cool” to their friends. And that’s probably what the kid in the video below was thinking when he decided to take on the challenge proposed by his friends.

The dare was to lick the length of the entire subway rail from end to end. Can you just feel the conglomeration of germs which that one act would entail?

On most days, I am grossed out to even touch the rails, let alone lick them and I’m writing this with a really nasty cold brought home by my son who at age nine, is well past the age of licking things in public. I gotta say watching the video with a host of my own mingling germs which are making my throat burn and eyes water is even worse.

So what was the reward for this kid’s prank?

One dollar.

Yep, his friends gave him a dollar to do it and he accepted it for a single buck.

What’s worse, licking the rail or being the next kid to put their tiny hand on the spit stained railing?


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