Kid Survives for 20 Days with $20: Could You Do It?

Free Waffle, Yummy!I’m always amazed at the crazy things people do to prove a point and this story is no different. I happen to be a huge fan of UFCU (University Federal Credit Union), and I recently came across a special contest they’re doing for college students. It’s called, ‘What Can You Do With $20.09?‘ and the premise is what can you do with $20? In this economy, how creative can folks get when it comes to pinching pennies? Creative, indeed.

One student in particular, David Lee, a senior at the University of Texas, has decided to see if he can exist for 20 days with only $20. David is originally from Houston and he’s an advertising major working at FG SQUARED in Austin, Texas. His trick is trying to survive for 20 days on $20 worth of food. (Does this tug at your mommy heart strings or what?) He’s doing it to prove $20.09 is nothing to scoff at!

He’s keeping the world apprised of his hunger-riddled journey on his blog, which he update regularly. He even lists the stringent rules he will be following like not accepting free food from people, although he is allowed to munch on sample foods that may be available at the grocery store. Refer to pic of waffles above for visual! He said he won’t steal and he won’t go dumpster driving. What a sweetheart.

The best tip he has received thus far is someone told him he could buy a jar of peanut butter at Kroger’s for $1.75. Another tip he was banking on to emerge thin, yet victorious, was he could buy 10 pounds of chicken legs for $4. Unfortunately that tip feel through because it was a special at Albertson’s and Albertson’s grocery stores aren’t in Austin.

Parents, this is your opportunity to share your thrifty two cents with someone who desperately needs it! Remember when you were a broke college student? If you know any good recipes for eating cheap and I mean really cheap, drop David a comment on his blog. Let’s help this courageous college student dazzle the blogosphere with his uncanny ability to survive for 20 days on $20! Right now he has 8 days to go with only $5.15 left. Can he do it?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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