Kids Beg for a Million Facebook Likes So They Can Get a Puppy — They Did it in 24 Hours!

These Girls Get What They Want!

Do not, I repeat, do not tell your kids about this story. Otherwise they may get the idea to attempt a similar feat and you might up going on a trip to Disney World, getting a new Wii system, or ending up, like this family, getting a puppy that you really didn’t want to get.

In this triumph of offspring over parent, it all started simply enough with a couple of kids who really wanted a new dog. Armed with moxie and social media savvy, Cadence, 12, and Emerson, 9, took their dad’s seemingly impossible challenge and made it happen. Their wager? To get a million likes on Facebook and if they did, their dad agreed that they could get a dog.

The girls started a Facebook page called Twogirlsandapuppy featuring a photo of themselves along with two of their siblings holding a sign saying: “Hi World, we want a puppy! Our dad said we could get one if we get 1 million likes! So like this!” Plus there was a note on the side saying, “He doesn’t think we can do it!”

They added in their first post:

“Hi, We’re two sisters and we desperately want a puppy. We have three little brothers, too. Yes, we have five kids in our family.  We lost our dog several months ago to cancer. We really want another one but our parents are reluctant.  Then the other day we saw a brother and sister on facebook post a picture saying that their dad would let them get a dog if they get a ton of likes. We got our dad to agree to it!  He said if we get 1 million likes we get a new puppy. He doesn’t think we can do it.”

And boy, was dad Ryan Cordell wrong. The girls were able to pass the one million mark in a day. As of now they are at about one and a half million. Their photo has been popping up on Facebook feeds everywhere (it showed up on mine several times today). And their dad, even though he was not backing the idea of a dog at first, will honor the deal. The family will start looking for a shelter dog soon.

The kids, of course, are thrilled. And both mom and dad are in a state of shock. On the Facebook page their dad wrote, “Hi all. Dad here. Still amazed to see the traction this is getting. This page started as a random idea during a conversation with the girls this afternoon. I honestly didn’t think it would explode like this, but it’s been fun to watch.” And mom Evie said, “We thought it’d top out at maybe 2,000 people.” Not only are they getting a dog, but they’re making headlines and are being snapped up morning shows (they’ll be on Good Morning America on Thursday morning).  Yes, on the internet anything is possible. I wonder what the kids will ask for next? If I were their parents I would already start worrying.

Photo Source: Facebook/Twogirlsandapuppy


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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