Kids Bully Elderly Bus Monitor To Tears, World Rallies In Response (Shocking Video)

Making the bus monitor cry.


Just absolutely shocking.

You’d think we would stop being surprised by this kind of thing, and yet I am blown away by how the middle school students on this school bus in Greece, New York treated the 68-year old bus monitor.

As reported by CNN, several kids spend at least ten minutes taunting Karen Klein, shouting insults and profanity. “Some boys demand to know her address, saying they want to come to her house to perform sexual acts and steal from her.” At one point, according to local affiliate WHAM, a student tells Klein she does not have family because “they all killed themselves because they didn’t want to be near you.” What they don’t know is that ten years ago Klein’s son did kill himself.

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The kids are relentless, Klein’s tears only fueling the fire of their attack. A concerned parent apparently uploaded the video (recorded by a student) to YouTube and it has since gone viral, clocking in nearly 1.5 million views at last check.

Klein later told local news reporters she tried her best to ignore the students. “I tried to ignore it … I didn’t hear some stuff and tried to shut them out,” Klein told CNN affiliate WHAM.

I’m not the only one shocked by the video. As a result, the world has rallied on behalf of Klein.

According to CNN:

…the video prompted an outpouring of support and a fundraiser by an international crowd funding site that had gathered more than $100,000 by early Thursday. “Let’s give Karen a vacation of a lifetime. Let’s show her the power of the internets and how kind and generous people can be,” the fundraiser’s organizer said on the website. The organizer did not respond to CNN requests for comment on the website.

Meanwhile, the school district said its bullying team and the local police are conducting an investigation. Apparently all the students in the video have been identified and will face “strong disciplinary action”.

It’s all so disheartening. If this is how these kids treat an elderly woman who isn’t fighting back, who is actually crying, how will they treat other students who may try to defend themselves? What would you do if you discovered your child was one of those taunting the woman?

Watch the video below.

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