Kids Comics This Week – Twilight Action Figures

Hey Kids! Comics!

Yes, there are comics this week, but there are also Twilight action figures. As a public service, I will provide you information about 7-inch tall versions of Bella, Alice, Edward and Jacob.

But first — comics!

Billy Batson And The Magic Of SHAZAM #8: fun book, made even better because of the team of Baltazar and Franco of Tiny Titans fame.

Super Friends Vol 2 #19: Strictly for younger kids. Nothing wrong with that of course. But there’s no crossover appeal here.

Pet Avengers Classic: I guess the recent Pet Avengers mini-series was a hit. This is a collection of reprints featuring superheroes and their pet sidekicks. A bit a stretch, but hey, whatever works.

Spider-Man Magazine Vol 2 #8: At $6.99, this is a bit overpriced but it does offer a lot of pages. Mostly reprints, but kids don’t care. Pick this up and save it for a long plane ride.

Wolverine First Class #19: I realized this week that one of my favorite writers, Peter David, is doing this series. I’ll have to borrow it from my son.

Disney Pixars Monsters Inc Laugh Factory #2

DC Comics Classics Library Batman A Death In The Family HC: This was a very controversial series when it was originally published. Readers were asked to vote on whether or not the new Robin, Jason Todd, should be killed. He was annoying, so voters gave him the thumbs down. The story involves the Joker teaming up with the Ayatollah Khomeini. No, really. (Who says comics aren’t topical?) Since these are comic books, he has since come back to life via an alternate universe, or something like that. Not for younger readers, but teen and even some pre-teen comic fans might be interested in this one. You may have to explain who Khomeini is, however.

Classics Illustrated Vol 6 The Scarlet Letter: Again, probably best for a slightly older crowd. If this had been around when I was in high school, I would have read it rather than just avoiding reading the real thing.

Archie Double Digest #202: Features a story in the “New Look Archie” style, which I hate but whatever.

Jughead #197

Sonic Universe #8: It’s amazing to me how much mileage they’ve gotten out of Sonic. It was a video game. A popular one, but not as popular as Mario. But Mario didn’t generate multiple long-running comic book series. So there.

Hardy Boys Vol 18 D.A.N.G.E.R. Spells The Hangman TP: These are interesting books — graphic novels featuring the Hardy Boys. I think these are new stories rather than adaptations of the classics.

Wacky title of the week – Spider Judgement Knight #2: No offense meant to the creators of this comic, which I haven’t read. But doesn’t the title look like a combination of keywords designed to drive sales? “OK, let’s see. What can we call this thing and not get sued? Not Spider-Man, but… Spider! OK. And not Judge Dredd, let’s go with Judgement. Batman, Dark Knight… Knight! Spider Judgement Knight! Yeah! That’s the ticket!”

Grown-up title of the week – Star Trek Spock Reflections #3: I love me some Star Trek and this book has been a fun read. It offers some background into how Spock came to be living among Romulans and the events that preceded the recent Star Trek movie. My only complaint is that each issue is too short. I’ll buy it anyway, but for the price ($2.99) there should be more pages. I’m buying it anyway. Here’s a preview if you want to check it out.

Toys of the Week – Twilight New Moon Action Figures

OK Twi-hards, or Cullenists, or whatever. Here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. You already have Twilight Barbie, but now you can re-enact all of New Moon with your very own Twilight Action Figures.

Here is a gallery of new 7-inch Twilight Action Figures, including 3 versions of Edward Cullen, one of which costs almost $300 (“Hungry Edward” — it’s a collectible). Enjoy.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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