Kids Leave Drawings in Parking Ticket Envelopes to Make You Feel Better About that Expired Meter

parking ticket art, parking ticket emotional reclamation project
This meter is excited to bring you ticket art!

One of my favorite things about New York City is that it is chock full of street art.  From De La Vega to Improv Everywhere, New Yorkers love leaving their mark on the sidewalk.  So today I was overjoyed when I read about The Parking Ticket Emotional Reclamation Project, which fosters “the guerilla placement of art alongside issued parking tickets” in order to “help restore emotional balance to New York, The World, The Universe.”  Ha!  Brilliant.

Both professional artists and children alike contribute drawings to the PTERP – a fitting acronym, since every time I get a parking ticket, I feel pretty pterpd.  Two weeks ago I got a parking ticket because the meter expired while I was at the pediatrician’s office as my daughter was getting the shots she needed for school.  If only we’d emerged to art like this, I might not have felt so bad:
parking ticket art, new york city

Thanks to the PTERP, you can feel like you spent $65 on an original piece of art, rather than a parking space. Frame not included, but healthy frame of mind intact! Here’s a cool video that details PTERP’s process:

The Parking Ticket Emotional Reclamation Project from pterp on Vimeo.

Check out the Parking Ticket Emotional Reclamation Project website to see more art and to get involved!

Source: Gothamist

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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