Does Your Child Need a Playdate Card?

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Playdate Card for Kids

Is your child not getting enough playdates? Perhaps you need to do a better job marketing him or her. For instance, you might consider ordering “playdate” cards so they can circulate their contact info to prospective friends. Or maybe you need to set up an online booking system so you can schedule playdates in advance.

It sounds absurd, but it’s not so far-fetched really. I often half-joke that I need an Excel spread sheet or a Google calendar to cross-reference my children’s various activities with their friends.

Mumsnet, a British company is selling “kiddie business cards” which feature the child’s name along with e-mail address and phone number.

Claire Cohen at The Daily Mail thinks it’s a “disturbing new trend” which she says is imported from America. I’ve never seen a kid with a business card, so I’m not sure where she’s getting the idea that this is a popular stateside trend.

Cohen writes that the cards are:

printed in a variety of sickly sweet colours – all in the name of securing them the maximum number of playdates. Some bear messages such as ‘I’d love you to come and play’ on the reverse. You can even add information as to what foods your child dislikes, what sports they play and whether or not they can swim.

Cohen calls the idea of “playdate cards” for kids “ludicrous,” saying that “the only ‘connections’ familiar to children should be the sort discovered through slotting Lego pieces together.”

Frankly, I’m not so sure exactly why the idea of these cards disturbs Cohen so much. As one commenter pointed out, there’s nothing new about writing your contact info on a piece of paper and sharing it with a new friend. Apparently, Laura Ingalls Wilder even did it back in her day!

Personally, I’m not sure it’s worth spending the money on printed cards. But I’m also not sure it’s a sign of over-parenting run amok. Really – what’s the big deal? The cards may be an unnecessary waste of money, but I don’t know why Cohen finds them so disturbing.

What do you think?


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