Kids Ruin Everything

We all love our kids, but let’s be honest:  they can really mess things up.  Before they are even born, they stretch out your body and kill your social life.  And once they become mobile, their path of destruction grows much wider.  They pop off the keys to your laptop and flush them down the toilet.  Or scribble works of art on your freshly painted walls.  Or feed marshmallows to the dog (which may not ruin the dog, but will do a number on your carpet).

We’ve all been there and now we can prove it.  Billed as the “strongest visual birth control on the market today,” Shit My Kids Ruined is a hilarious site dedicated to documenting the havoc our children have wreaked on our collective personal property.  Featuring user-submitted photos and captions of permanent markered facesun-stuffed couch cushions and baby powdered everything, the site proves that misery loves company.  And photographic evidence.

So, whether you’ve got kids and want to commiserate or don’t have kids and need reason to keep it that way, go check out the Tumblr site or the Shit My Kids Ruined Facebook page.  And the next time Junior puts a hole in the wall or gives his little sister a haircut, take a picture!

Image: lindaaslund/Flickr

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