Kids Sicken as Family Discovers their Home used to be a Meth House

Josh Anderson / The New York Times / Redux
Josh Anderson / The New York Times / Redux

Rhonda and Jason Holt had no idea why their three children, all under the age of 5, had repertory problems and required many drugs and hospital visits. In addition to Rhonda’s migraines and Jason’s kidney troubles, the illnesses were completely mysterious.

Until, that is, the Holt’s discovered the secret behind the walls of their home.

As a former meth lab, the Holt’s home was contaminated with methamphetamines. The drug attached itself to the carpet, the walls and blew through the house via the air ducts. The estimated cost of cleaning out the toxins rings in at around $30,000.

Only 20 states require former meth houses to be properly cleaned and there is no federal rule of the sort. Not only are many states negligent for meth bust clean-ups, they clearly do not make anyone else responsible for disclosing the homes’ former use.

Not that most of us live in a former meth house, but have you and your family ever moved into a home to find your family falling ill? Many homes contain mold, radon and any number of containments that can make Home Sweet Home into Home Sweet Hell.

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