Kids Think Texting at Dinner Table NOT Dandy

obama-red-head-boyBuried in this Time Magazine “Time for Kids” survey is an interesting little tidbit about the texting habits of kids, age 9 to 13. Girls, it appears, text more than boys – a lot more. But almost all kids agree texting is not fine in class or at the dinner table.

Well A-freaking-men.

Now if only their parents would heed the same advice. I can’t tell you how many times I see parents out to eat with their kids, holding up a cell phone between them so they can, what? Check the latest emergency email about a potential nuclear attack? No, of course not. Most emails are boring, insipid memos that can surely wait until after a meal. No wonder kids don’t think it’s ok — they’re probably sick to death of their parents ignoring them.

But wow, what a tangent. I meant to dig into the survey, because it provides a fascinating little snapshot of what kids think about everything from texting to President Obama’s first year in office. The prez gets largely Bs and Cs from the kids, and most kids want a lot of money out of life — though other survey answers seem to dwell on the idea that this isn’t fueled by some materialistic greed but rather the idea that if they had more money, mom wouldn’t have to work so much Cute. It’s an interesting survey of what our kids think of the world today. 

Mike @ Cry It Out!

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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