New Real Housewife is an Old Disney Star

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Remember her?

Kim Richards and her sister Kyle are set to join the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which premieres later this month. Now, I don’t know a real housewife from a sister-wife, so pure is the television programming that gets watched around my house. But I do know Kim Richards! Or I did. And by “know” of course I mean “watched her movies and TV shows.”

Richards was a child actress from the age of 4 and all the way through her teens and early adulthood. She was a Disney princess before Disney staked its fortune on live-action Disney princesses like Hanna Montana/Miley Cyrus. And all the others that followed.

Richards starred in movies like “Escape From Witch Mountain” and “Return to Witch Mountain” — movies that are still pretty great and are worth putting in your Netflix queue.

This resurgence of Kim Richards — who, let’s be honest, has not stood the test of time as an intelligent tomboy type and is also, by the way, Paris Hilton’s aunt — has got me thinking about her Disney movies and a bunch of other kids classics that are still good today.

Here’s my list — yes, the dork factor is high. Please add your recommendations in comments:

Anything from the Hayley Mills oeuvre, “That Darn Cat,” “Parent Trap,” “Pollyanna,” “In Search of the Castaways.”

The Apple Dumpling Gang (and The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again)

Billion Dollar Hobo

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

The Absent-Minded Professor

Oh, I could go on. The thing I love about these movies is that they’re pre-sarcasm, pre-irony, pre-product endorsement. They’re slapstick-y, intelligent, not totally raging with sexism or violence like a lot of old movies are. They’re made for kids — not all those inside jokes only grown-ups catch. And they make my kids laugh.

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