Kitchenista: 101 Salads to Get You Through Summer

saladsI love salads. I’m not talking about iceberg lettuce in ranch dressing (though I love that, too), but mixed salads of anything cold and crunchy and vegetabl-y. No lettuce, no problem.

The NY Time‘s Minimalist Mark Bittman has given eaters like me this great mid-summer gift: 101 recipes for simple summer salads. Shredded carrots and blueberries? How did I not think of that?

Here are my Top 5. But there are 96 others that look just as good.

From the NY Times:

7. Grate carrots, toast some sunflower seeds, and toss with blueberries, olive oil, lemon juice and plenty of black pepper. Sweet, sour, crunchy, soft.

23. Thinly slice some cucumbers (if they’re fat and old, peel and seed them first), red onions, radishes and fresh chili pepper. Soak for a few minutes in equal amounts vinegar and water, with some salt and sugar. When they taste lightly pickled, drain and serve, alone or over rice.

28. Toss mâche or another soft green with toasted slivered almonds and roughly chopped fresh figs. Thin some almond butter with water and sherry vinegar to taste and use as a dressing. Some will like this with fresh goat cheese.

43. Grate raw beets (use the food processor to avoid ruining everything within spattering distance) and toss with watercress or arugula. Top with sherry vinaigrette and a little goat cheese. Especially obvious, perhaps, but also especially popular.

62. Dust shrimp with chili powder. Sauté in butter or oil (or a combination) with fresh corn kernels and flavorful cooking greens (bok choy is good, as is watercress). Add halved cherry tomatoes and lime juice at the last minute.

82. Cut pancetta into matchsticks and crisp in a skillet with some oil, then caramelize onions in the fat. Toss both with chopped bitter greens — radicchio, escarole or endive, for example — toasted pine nuts and halved cherry or grape tomatoes.

Oh, and any of the 20+ with noodles or grains.

Really, 101 isn’t enough, so please share your favorite salad in comments.

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