Kodak Will Help Get Megan Fox And Rose Boy Together

megan fox claridges 150609Ah, young love. So inspiring. So wonderful. So… what?

Kodak is offering five thousand dollars to anyone who can help them find The Boy With The Yellow Rose. So he can meet the love of his life, Megan Fox. I find the whole thing irritating.

What am I yammering about now?

Here’s what happened. On June 15, Ms. Fox was leaving the London premiere of  “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, a film in which she appears. A boy offered her a rose. She ignored him. (Or didn’t see him. More on this later.) Much ink, real and virtual, was spilled on this important topic. There’s even a song on YouTube:

So. Megan felt bad and apologized. She offered to “make things right.”

It’s worth mentioning that it’s entirely possible that she just didn’t see the kid. Notice the burly arm between Rose Boy and the woman he loves? That’s most likely a bodyguard. There was probably a huge crowd gathered outside the theater, and this kid managed to get close enough to stick his rose into a photograph. OK. But the idea that she “snubbed” him is foolish. This wasn’t an autograph signing. Maybe she saw him, maybe she didn’t. (She says she didn’t.) Who knows? There may not be anything to “make right” here.

SO! Kodak, a company with time on their hands now that they don’t make Kodachrome film anymore, decided to help. Read this (from Gawker):

Kodak will offer $5,000 to the first person who can provide verifiable information that enables Kodak to make this connection happen. Kodak will also cover travel costs for the young man and his family to help allow destiny to take its course, and provide cameras for him to capture the moment.
Please send us an email at if you have any information or can help turn the rose boy’s dreams into reality.

“Help turn the rose boy’s dreams into reality?” I guess if all he wants is to give her a rose, there’s no harm there. But what if he, like many guys, wants to go a bit further with ol’ Meg? Are they willing to help him with that? “Allow destiny to take its course”? What the hell does that mean?

I don’t like this.

Why not? What’s the harm, you say?

For one thing, I think it’s weird. It’s weird that a kid would stand outside a movie premiere offering Megan Fox a rose. Why is he doing this? Where are his parents? He wasn’t looking for an autograph, or a handshake. He was giving her a ROSE. What did he think would happen? Would she fall madly in love and fly with him to Buenos Aires?

And Kodak is encouraging this nonsense for their own purposes. What possible reason is there to help this kid and his family meet  Megan Fox? This isn’t a Make A Wish Foundation case. (He could also be a stalker. I’m not saying he is. But he could be.) Kodak wants Rose Boy to be a trained monkey, exploiting him for their own dopey reasons. (They will “provide cameras for him to capture the moment.” Subtle.)  Sure, he might get a brief thrill out of meeting her. But if Ms. Fox really wanted to “make this right” she could send a card or something. He’d be happy. Why is Kodak involved?

Another thing. When a company offers money in a situation like this, there’s a chance that it could encourage some other nudnik to do the same thing. Maybe with a different actress, different circumstances. But this kind of behavior is not something we need to encourage.

If my son told me he wanted to stand outside a movie theater so he could offer a rose to a movie star, I wouldn’t let him. And if he did it anyway, and this happened, I would call Kodak, get my five grand, and tell them thanks but no thanks. Megan Fox doesn’t need the extra press, and I wouldn’t want my son to look like a gibbering fool so that Kodak can pretend they’ve done some good for the world.

Feh. FEH. FEH!

So. What do you think?

Source: Gawker

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