L.A. Little League Chooses to Go Under Rather Than Accept Cash from a Strip Club

Little League
Does character, courage and loyalty mean anything to the kids if they are denied the opportunity to play?

Last Christmastime an adult “toy” store encouraged patrons to make donations to Toys for Tots and Save the Ta-Tas, a breast cancer charity. For every charitable contribution left at the store, Pleasures in Huntsville, Ala., allowed customers to pick an “adult” toy from a chest full of goodies as a way of saying thank you. The nonprofit recipients were not amused.

Neither is a Los Angeles Little League outfit that would rather cease to exist than have a strip club swoop in as their sugar daddy, according to Yahoo’s Prep Rally (via the Torrance Daily Breeze and the Associated Press).

The rising cost of running a team is forcing an entire Little League to possibly bail out before the season starts. But one benefactor didn’t want to see that happen, so they made a donation. But now the league is returning the money because of who it comes from.

The Jet Strip gentleman’s club offered $1,200 to offset the cost of things like baseball field maintenance in the Lennox School District, a sum that was initially accepted. But after the transaction attracted attention, the money was returned — meaning the entire Little League season is once again in jeopardy.

League officials apparently had concerns that accepting the money would be inappropriate, even though the donation came with no stipulation, like that the uniforms bear the name of the strip club.

Sigh. Such a shame. Really. The Bad News Bears this is not. Little League baseball can make an enormous difference in the lives of so many kids. That any local organization operating legally would swoop in to save them is admirable. That some narrow-minded people would turn that money down to the detriment of their kids’ healthy extracurricular activities is a shame. This is not a neo-Nazi organization attempting to infiltrate a society in a sinister fashion. It’s a strip club looking to share some of their tip money. Big deal — literally, to the kids who would benefit.

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth when it’s kids who benefit. Just because the gift horse was sent from an x-rated facility doesn’t mean the gift itself is necessarily dirty.

Do you think it’s sad these kids might not play when they had a legitimate chance?

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