Ladies: Most Men Don’t Care If Your Legs Are Hairy

This is a secret a lot of married women know, but single ladies, you should be in on this, too: most men don’t care if your legs are hairy. I was reminded of this fact while reading Jessica Wakeman’s recent post on The Frisky titled, “True Story: I Didn’t Shave for Two Months and Lived to Tell About It.” In the post, Jessica admits to letting herĀ “fur flag fly” atop her lady castle, and as regular readers know, I’m also all about it. I argued extensively in this post about why more women should leave their beaver alone, one of the main reasons being, dudes not only don’t mind if you have hair where it belongs, many of them actually prefer it. (A testament to men in a country dominated by ads showing scantily-clad women looking like little girls.)

What I didn’t think to mention in that post is that in addition to having all the sex I’ve ever had with an intact muffler (I’ve never waxed, not once), I’ve also had plenty of sex with hairy legs. Much of it was in college during the Lilith Fair years, so I’m not entirely sure that counts, but some of it was pretty recently, actually. I remember during one surprise visit with a gentleman caller (that was a one-time-only deal), I confessed to him that I hadn’t shaved in a while, indicating with my tone of voice that I felt kind of bad about it. He quickly shot back, “No, it’s cool. It means you weren’t planning on having sex. I like that.” Proof that men love feeling a) like all women are virgins and they are the only man who has ever been or ever will be with you and b) like they have bombarded you with their good looks and charm so much so that you decided you just had to have them right then and there without being prepared for how overcome you’d feel! That’s why dudes love it when you have a one night stand wearing your ugliest bra and panties. It’s just so hot that you weren’t trying to seduce them!

Unfortunately for Jessica, she said she couldn’t bring herself to try having hairy-legged sex with a booty call friend, but I’m here to say go for it next time, girl! Less work for you, he probably doesn’t care either way, and he may even find it a turn on. Whether you can handle it or not is the ultimate question. I like shaving sometimes, too, but as Jessica pointed out, it feels better to shave after a break from it than it does doing it day-in-and-day-out, drying your skin out and cutting your legs up.

What say you, gal pals? Are you down with growing your leg shag out from time to time? Do you have the guts to get jiggy while shaggy? LMK.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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