Left Handed Kids Are Angry and Moody?

Left handed kids are different
Is your left handed kid moody and angry?

For years, left handed children were urged to give up what felt natural and instead train their right hands to be dominant.  This, no doubt, resulted in a lot of frustration and illegible writing.  But why did we ever even care what hand a child favored?

The prejudice against left handed people seems to have its roots in the Bible – something about sheep on the right and goats on the left.  But the stigma extends well beyond Christians and for generations, it was generally accepted that left is bad and right is good.

But while those days may be gone and children are now allowed to use whichever hand they feel most comfortable with, new research confirms that lefties are, in fact, different.

According to a study led by the ironically-named Ruth Propper, a psychology professor at Merrimack College in Massachusetts, the halves of the brains of left handed or ambidextrous people are more interlinked than the brains of right handed people.  And because the two hemispheres of the brain communicate more with each other, lefties are more in touch with the areas responsible for negative emotions.

This, the researchers conclude, means that left handed people are more prone to moodiness and anger.

Some of my favorite people are left handed or ambidextrous.  My father was equally competent with both hands and several good friends are lefties.  And yes, there is something different about them.  They are all super smart and incredibly creative. Are they also angry and moody?  Maybe sometimes, but perhaps you would be too if you were left handed in a world designed for the right handed.

Image: pinksherbet/Flickr

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