Lego Sales Go Way Up and Has the Girls to Thank

91OOX6IITcL._SL1500_It looks like Lego was right along.

While many were critical of Lego’s choice to create their line of Lego “Friends,” the pink and purple hued girl-centric building kits, they apparently knew what they were doing, business wise that is.

The New York Times may have claimed that the Friends could, “promote gender stereotyping.” The Los Angeles Times may have asked, “are Lego Friends the enemies of American girls. And there may have been a petition asking Lego to “stop gender-based marketing.” But in the end, all that really matters in turning a profit. And that’s just what Lego did.

According to new sales reports their profits were up 38%. The Danish company did credit popular lines like Lego Star Wars and Lego Ninjago as being big sellers, but they claim that the big winner was Lego Friends ,which did a whole lot better than they thought it would. The girly-girl Lego line is so popular that they are having issues meeting the demand.

So that petition asking for a stop to Lego Friends, yeah, that ain’t gonna happen. Lego Friends, evidently, are here to stay.

Does your daughter have any Lego Friends? Or did you avoid buying them do to the “gender stereotype” message they send?

Photo Source: Amazon (Set pictured above available for $26.70)

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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