Legos for Girls: "Lego Friends" Cool or a Total Fail?

Lego recently announced a line of girly Legos, called “Lego Friends,” marketed to young girls, ages 5-12.

Is this necessary?

It’s just the latest product marketing to further reinforce gender-specific play and, most noticeably, they’re kind of lame.

Girlie colors, a line of “friends” that are doll-like and scenarios that appeal to a certain gender stereotype are all present, but will the Lego Friends line be a success or a total fail? 

As a girl, I was happiest playing with my brother’s trucks and race car track I could have cared less about Barbies.

My daughter has been the same way, having zero interest in dolls and being more interested with her brother’s toys, including the amazing Legos.

No need to girl it up, but that’s from my own experience, as I question why they would need to introduce a new line that appeals to girls. Isn’t it the very nature of Legos to encourage imaginative play? The Lego Friends line may do that, sure, but it seems so… limited.

Legos have always been geared towards boys, but that never excluded girls from playing with the interlocking blocks either.

It will be interesting see how Lego Friends does, as Lego has in years past tried girl-centric lines that were unsuccessful.

There’s no harm in trying after all, Bloomberg Businessweek notes that Lego grossed $1 billion last year. Why not expand their reach into girl territory?

The Lego Friends line will come out in January, featuring girls that have their own personalities and accessories, like purses and shoes. They wear pink, lavender and baby blue clothes and the figures are curvier, larger and more human-like than the traditional Lego figures.

It’s interesting to note that Lego product research found girls liked to do more pretend play with the figures rather than spending time building, so you can bet there’s not a lot of actual building to be done.

Sets will include big pieces (no small bricks here), that when (easily) assembled, become a beauty salon, vet clinic or café.

What do you think of the “Lego Friends” line for girls?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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