Leprechaun Shenanigans: 14 Fun, Easy Things To Do With Your Kids On St. Patrick’s Day

Who's been peeing in my toilet?
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Some people use it as an excuse to break out that hideous green sweater vest and others use it as a perfectly valid reason to get so drunk you throw up on yourself.

Me? I’ve never really cared about St. Patrick’s Day. Most of the time I haven’t even bothered to wear green. In fact, I don’t even know what the holiday is celebrating.

Incidentally, it started out as a religious kind of thing and has slowly morphed into a way to celebrate Irish culture. Which, my people hail straight from Ireland so I should at least wear green, yeah?

Anyway, after a bit of research I realized that this holiday can be as cool, if not cooler than Easter, Halloween and maybe even Christmas.

Bold statement, I know. But listen, Christmas is a month-long, exhausting money suck and everyone knows Easter candy sucks. Halloween is okay but slogging around in freezing cold temperatures ain’t my idea of a good time.

A good time for me? Playing a bunch of pranks on my kids that require pretty much zero prep time and maybe a couple of bucks. Just like Christmas they get to wake up to surprises and fun but unlike Christmas you only spent about ten bucks at the dollar store.

Wanna know how I’m going to do it up this St. Patrick’s Day? It involves just a wee bit o’ trickery. Read onward and I’ll show you 14 super easy and fun things to do with your kids below!

1. Green Toilet Water

Food coloring and done! If you’re feeling really tricky you can make footprints on the seat.

2. Leprechaun Kisses

While you’re kids are sleeping, slather on some green lipstick and kiss ’em all over the place. They’ll wake up with green kiss marks!

3. Stickers, Stamps, Tattoos, Oh My!

Next time you’re at the store pick up some shamrock stamps or stickers or even tattoos and apply those bad boys while the kids are sleeping. Make sure to put a few on mom and dad so the kids aren’t suspicious!

4. Leprechaun Trap

The night before you’ve got to explain to your kids how tricky leprechauns can be. Tell them how your friend caught one last year so y’all should build a leprechaun trap to see if you can get one this year.

You can use a shoe box, foil, stickers, and a stick to prop the whole thing up and you’re good to go. Make sure to trip the trap before the kids wake up. If you’re feeling really festive leave some glitter and a rainbow made out of Skittles underneath to show the kids the leprechaun was there but must’ve got away.

5. Leprechaun Footprints

Leave these on the toilet above the green water, inside the fridge, on the floor, wherever you think the leprechaun visited during the night.

Dip the outer edges of your hand in paint and press to surface to form the foot and then use your index finger to dot in the toes!

6. Green Hair Dye

Spray a streak of your hair green to show the kids that even adults aren’t immune to leprechaun shenanigans.

7. Gold Coins in Shoes

Leave a few gold coins in the kids shoes so they know the leprechaun was there and that he might be back to get the gold he dropped.

8. Leprechaun Breakfast

Lucky Charms is the breakfast of champions on St. Patrick’s Day. Drop some green food coloring into your gallon of milk and it will blow your kids’ minds.

9. Magic Milk

Wanna get even more magical? Squeeze a couple drops of green food coloring into your kids’ cups. Make sure you use glass. Pour them some milk (the white stuff) and gasp in shock as their milk turns green. Magic!

10. Glitter

Pull out the glitter if you dare. I pretty much think the inventor of glitter is a parent-hating meanie but perhaps you’d like to sprink a bit ‘o’ glitter hither and thither among the leprechaun footprints.

11. Green Lunch

What a great excuse to get your kids to each their veggies! And don’t forget the lime Jell-O with a bit of green food coloring in the Cool Whip!

12. Green Dinner

Food coloring is your best friend today. Green eggs, green pancakes, green noodles, green mashed potatoes. Get crazy!

13. Green Bath Tub

You should have these Fizzy Tub Colors on hand anyway because they make tub time awesome. But pick some up before St. Paddy’s Day. You can find a small packet at Walmart for a buck or so. They don’t have a green tablet but they do have yellow and blue ones! Throw ’em together and voila! Green water!

14. Leprechaun Floats

Lime Sherbert and 7up and you’re good to go! You can also mix vanilla ice cream with milk, add your trusty green food coloring and you’ve got yourself a home-made shamrock shake!

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