“Less is More”: The Latest Trend in Weddings

Couple holding handsNot long ago there were sweet and simple proposals followed by over the top lavish weddings. And then there was a shift, proposals became elaborate productions and weddings grand affairs with guest numbers in the triple digits. And just when we can’t get enough of the proposal videos, mason jars, and candy buffets (both of which, jars and candy, made an appearance at my own wedding) comes a new trend — the simpler affair.  According to Your Tango simplicity just might be the latest trend when it comes to weddings.

There are several reasons which are said to correlate with the request for a simpler soiree by today’s brides and grooms; one of them being the average age for couples is older. Older couples (those in their late twenties and older) seem to have less of a “desire for a lavish event” than their younger counterparts.

More and more people are opting to keep things simple. Not only does this result in less stress for the couple (because seriously can’t life be stressful enough as it is?) but it also takes away challenges such as who to include in your wedding since you probably have more family and friends than when you were younger.

Additionally couples are older and considered financially independent; therefore, they may not have the luxury of their parents paying for the wedding. It is all the more reason to cut back on the costs. Another reason, your parents are willing to pay but you don’t want them to take on the burden of a wedding with a hefty price tag.

An interesting point made is the fact that most women in their late twenties and beyond have been in weddings before and depending on your experience as a bride or bridesmaid (or let’s face it, even a wedding guest) you might decide that all that is to be had when it comes to a big wedding isn’t really for you.  For more on the growing trend amongst brides and grooms to be visit Your Tango.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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