Librarian Creates Book List That's Kid AND Gay Friendly

whos-in-a-familyWhen it comes to children’s book for opening your kids’ eyes to gay families or picking one up for your favorite gay couple’s tot, you can always count on a pick from the American Library Association’s most challenged list.

But what happens when you want to get past And Tango Makes Three or Uncle Bobby’s Wedding? You check out Librarian Patricia Sarles’ growing online list.

Sarles’ Books for Donor Offspring list is already a go-to resource for parents who need a little help explaining conception to their children who were conceived via Assisted Reproductive Technology: Donor Egg, Donor Sperm, In Vitro Fertilization, Donor Embryo, Surrogacy or Gestational Carrier. The librarian had some experience with assisted reproduction herself, so the donor offspring list was a natural starting point.

Now she’s moved on to an expansive list of books for, as she explains it, “parents who would like to find books for their children about the experience of being a child in a gay family, or having a gay friend or family member . . .  for librarians who would like to develop collections on this topic, and . . . for counselors and therapists who would like to use these books in their practices.”

Including a list of how many American libraries carry the book and a resource for making a purchase, the list will be annotated as Sarles gets a chance to actually sit down and review each title.  Right now it already includes short reviews culled from the Library of Congress.

Tango and Uncle Bobby are each on the “Books for Gay Families List,” naturally, along with another popular pick: Heather Has Two Mommies. But lesser known picks such as The Daddy Machine and Spacegirl Pukes take this list into genres previously unexplored.

We know we’ll be using this list to craft our next big Amazon order. How about you?

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