Life After Kids: Do You Still Go To Concerts Now That You’re A Parent?

Do you still attend concerts now that you're a mom or dad?

In my teens and early twenties I went to concerts like it was my job. It was a way to socialize with friends, find new music, travel, and just have an overall good time. But then I had kids. And with that, I broke up with concerts for good. I don’t know if it was just that hazy time of my life as a new mom or what but I don’t recall even enjoying music all that much for a while; none of it seemed important to me anymore. But as the haze passed over, especially recently, I’ve realized that live music is a passion of mine, and seeing a favorite band in concert really is something I love to do. So this summer I aspired to go see all the shows I could, and so far, I have!


It was last night, though, when I was getting ready to head out to see the ultimate of concerts- Phish, that I started to second guess myself. Am I too old for this? Shouldn’t I just stay back with the kids and be mom to them like I should be? Why go through all the production of getting a sitter or working out the details of who will take care of them while I drive off to see a band play? I admit I also had some nagging fears since the Indiana State Fair Sugarland stage tragedy (however isolated an incident that was) still… I almost talked myself out of going. But I went, and am so glad I did.

This has definitely been my summer of concerts and I don’t know that I will continue to go to so many.I did find (with age) that I do prefer going to a venue with assigned seats and not a crowded floor requiring you to stand the whole time. Nor am I a fan of the extremely loud music. (Is it just me or did it get louder through the years?) And also now? I wear more sensible shoes. But there’s nothing like being a part of the moment at a live show, it’s something bigger than even the music sometimes. I still had to wake up early the next morning to take my son to tutoring, and life was back to normal as soon as I got home. But it was a nice escape while I was there.

Do you still go to concerts? What is the last show you went to? Did you give up a pastime like this after becoming a parent?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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