Life in Prison for Vegan Couple Who Fed Their Baby Only Soy Milk & Apple Juice

Couple Fed Baby Only Soy Milk & Apple Juice

This is not the first time a similar story has been told in court. Back in March, a vegan couple in France were charged with starving their baby – an 11-month old child who consumed only breast milk but was lacking Vitamins D and B12, which are needed for fighting off infections.  And now there is a case here in the states of a vegan couple starving their child to death.  And they are looking at a stiff penalty for their actions. The couple are looking at life in prison.


The Atlanta couple – Lamont Thomas and Jade Sanders – reportedly only fed their baby soy milk and apple juice, trying in an incorrect manner – to have their baby adhere to a vegan diet.

“No matter how many times they want to say, `We’re vegans, we’re vegetarians,’ that’s not the issue in this case,” prosecutor Chuck Boring stated during the trial. “The child died because he was not fed. Period.” Their six-week old baby died at a weight of  3.5 pounds and the parents didn’t try to get help for their baby even though it was very evident that he was wasting away.

This has been a long drawn out legal battle. Their baby died in 2004, their first trial was in 2007 and now their appeal in 2011 did not help them, their appeal was rejected and the couple were seen as “guilty of the crimes for which they were convicted.” The two are now looking at a life in prison after a jury convicted them of “malice murder, felony murder, involuntary manslaughter and cruelty to children.”

Does this sound as a couple using the “vegan” label as an excuse? Or did they just not realize they were not properly nourishing their baby.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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