Like Fifty Shades of Grey? You'll Love These Top 10 Naughty Bits of Lit

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These books will pop your cherry.

Women — and especially moms — across the country are getting their freak on behind the pages of Fifty Shades of Grey, the latest “romance” novel to hit bookstore shelves this month (after, uh, huge sales in e-book form). If FSG is your first bit of kinky lit, you might want to cozy up with these sexy classics, hot new e-books and erotic anthologies that come highly recommended by my pal Rachel Kramer Bussel, editor of Irresistible: Erotic Romance for Couples and Orgasmic: Erotica for Women. So go ahead, crack the spines on these … they may just inspire you to crack a whip in the bedroom:

  • Best Erotic Romance 1 of 10
    Best Erotic Romance
    This anthology, edited by Kristina Wright, features the short stories of 17 big names in literotica, including Rachel Kramer Bussel, Kate Dominic, and Andrea Dale. It's the perfect romance book for beginners, as explained by Amazon commenter Elf2060: "A wonderful range of stories that tell erotic tales of new love: the fears accompanying the start of a marriage, pregnancy, stolen moments from child-rearing, the antidote to stagnation in a relationship, the pain of broken dreams and the fear of commitment. An enjoyable reminder that romance and eroticism are synergistic and healthy elements of a relationship." Check, please!
  • X: The Erotic Treasury 2 of 10
    X: The Erotic Treasury
    Chronicle Books says, "If there's only room for one book on your bedside table, this should be it." Rachel says, "This is a beautiful hardcover with gold-edged pages, something to truly treasure and savor." This anthology, compiled by Susie Bright, features stories from the Best American Erotica series. Be prepared for some ... interesting scenarios (lesbian shoe worship, ritual spanking) that are sure to arouse the senses.
  • The Swap 3 of 10
    The Swap
    This one comes in e-book form only, which might be good since you don't necessarily want your spouse to know you're looking to swap partners ... or do you?! Mischief Books describes The Swap as, "Swinging couples, threesomes, groups, that first time and the lifestyle: an explicit collection of those who like to share and be shared in the modern taboo-breaking world of recreational sex."
  • Bust Magazine’s One-handed Read 4 of 10
    Bust Magazine's One-handed Read
    Speaking of keeping things discreet ... if you're not ready to walk around with an erotica anthology in your hands, why not pick up a copy of BUST magazine? Every issue features a great one-handed read in the back of the mag. No one will know you're reading about a lesbian encounter in the bathroom at the mall instead of checking out the latest feminist DIY crafts.
  • Got a Minute? 60-second Erotica 5 of 10
    Got a Minute? 60-second Erotica
    Perfect for busy mothers or working women who are crunched for time and need a quick ... break. R. McLaughlin on Amazon wrote of the book: "I have read two stories and they are like having a meal where you eat for five minutes and the nutrition keeps you going for hours and hours." Seems like this is the gift that keeps on giving ...
  • Red Grow the Roses 6 of 10
    Red Grow the Roses
    For you Twilight fans out there, Red Grow the Roses is "the epic novel of vampire erotica," according to Mischief Books. This one's e-book only.
  • The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom 7 of 10
    The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom
    Rachel calls this memoir "a true and very steamy story about a mom who discovers her sexuality post-divorce." Momintransition writes: "An inspiration for any mom who's going through a separation and/or divorce, and wondering: 'Will I ever have a love life again?' Delaine Moore gives the reader hope that anything is possible if you let yourself experience a sex life without regard to other people's opinions or attitudes." I may have to start with this one ...
  • Fear of Flying 8 of 10
    Fear of Flying
    Erica Jong's 1973 classic novel about Isadora Wing, a woman at a turning point in her life and her marriage who yearns for a "zipless f*ck" (a now-infamous term). A reviewer on Amazon wrote: "It wasn't any more 'steamy' than an episode of NYPD Blue, but because I found myself identifying so much with Isadora's plight ... her urge to find herself, to balance her love for her husband, with her urge to find the 'zipless f***,' and to do it all in a society that frowned upon a healthy sexual appetite in women." Think of this one as smart smut.
  • Little Birds 9 of 10
    Little Birds
    Nin's second published work of erotica, (her first was Delta of Venus), Little Birds was released posthumously in 1979 but written in the '40s. In an Amazon review, Julie M. Haines wrote: "If anyone is confused about the difference between pornography and erotica, this will set them straight. This is as much an arousal of the mind as of the body. Men especially need to read more works of this type if they are looking for a deeper understanding of how women think and feel about sex." Similarly, Little Old Me wrote: "Nin's stories talk about the sexual frustrations of men and the rebellious women who realized their own sexuality in times where women were seen as modest and only the objects of desire." Thank you, Anais, for being ahead of your time.
  • Blue Skies, No Candy 10 of 10
    Blue Skies, No Candy
    Rachel says, "A 1970s classic bestseller by food critic Gael Greene, raunchy and fun and bold." It's out of print, but you can get the e-book from Smashwords or from Barnes & Noble for the Nook. Though ads for the book were banned in the New York City subway, in 1976, the Toronto Globe called it "A caviar and foie gras freefall of uninhibited, delicious and tantalizing sex." Our appetites are whet.

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