Lingerie Company Markets Bras and Panties to 4-Year-Olds

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Why is a French company selling lingerie to 4-year-olds?

So bras.

It’s always bugged me that right next to the size 4 girls undies at Target are a bunch of push-up bras for completely undeveloped girls who, what, need a little lift? Want to look like Mom? Feel naked without proper foundation garments? Whatever. I look away, buy the girls’ briefs (increasingly hard to find since apparently there’s more demand from Kindergartners for bikini and hipster styles) and think this little girl bra thing will go away.

The little girl bra thing is not going away.

This latest in sexualized little girls marketing stuff to … little girls … makes Thylane Blondeau look positively prudish!

A French lingerie company, Jours Après Lunes, is marketing “loungerie” for girls as young as 4. Over on their website, they’ve put up a look book filled with pictures of little girls modeling, as Fashion Etc. puts it, “plunging, ribbon-trimmed bralets, polka-dotted crop tops, ruffled panties, and a boudoir-worthy combo of pearls and beehives.”

The girls are gorgeous. And sexy. And, what, 5 years old? Maybe 10?

The little girl models are wearing make-up, teased out Amy Winehouse beehives, come hither looks. One’s posed in sticking her rump out as she reaches for a Teddy Bear, another sits sprawled on a chaise lounge. Sunglasses rise from the crotch. I understand boundaries-less fashion photographers, but since when did parents dress their girls as Lolita? Have they read the book?

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Really? She's 10.








There’s nothing wrong, per se, with little girls dressing up in inappropriate clothing, in my opinion. But that’s when the clothes come from Mom’s dresser, with or without permission. But the thing about the loungerie — see, even they can’t admit they’re selling lingerie to kids — is that it’s not dress up, it’s not imagination, it’s daily wear. It’s fashion, which Mom dropped a fortune on and said would be awesome to wear.

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Oh, 7-year-old coquettes these days!












I mean, good for Jour Apres Lunes for cashing in on what apparently is a growing interest among parents of girls to discover their offsprings’ sexuality for them. Preferably, apparently, years before they get their first period. For that matter, good for Target, too.

But I want to hear from a mother who looks at these pictures and thinks, “Ooh, la la! We’re getting that for back-to-school!”

Photo: Jour Apres Lunes

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