Little Girl Born with 8 Limbs Starts School

Lakshmi Tatma is pretty much like any 4-year-old. She’s a little bossy around new friends, likes to pay games with her brother, is a total daddy’s girl and just recently started school. The difference is Lakshmi was born with two torsos and 8 limbs. Oh, and she’s been worshipped as a God since birth.

Lakshmi was born attached to a parasitic twin in a small Indian village. Comparisons to the Lakshmi, the multi-armed Indian Goddess of wealth and fertility, came immediately. Villagers began leaving offerings at the baby’s bed.

Despite the reverence, life itself held very little potential for little Lakshmi. Because her torsos were fused at the hips, she could not even sit up or walk.

Then came the revolutionary operation that separated the girl from her superfluous parts. Now she runs around and enjoys the freedoms and normalcy of any little girl.

‘When I think of the way she was, never in a million years would Lakshmi have been able to go to school or have the life she does today,’ said her mother Poonam, 26.

Such a miracle would not have been possible for Lakshmi’s impoverished parents if not for a wealthy doctor who heard of the child’s plight and stepped in to help.

Though many corrective surgeries lie in her future, Lakshmi enjoys a life an entire world away from what might have been.

Source: The Daily Mail


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