Little Girl Plays With Dead Squirrel [VIDEO]

Look, a cuddly new toy!

While playing in her suburban yard, a small child finds a new toy. It’s cute and fluffy, sort of like a kitten. But it seems to be unusually compliant for an animal…because it’s dead.

The child’s parents discover the child playing with the dead squirrel, and capture a few minutes of dead squirrel play on videotape. The scene is highly disturbing, yet also strangely compelling. It has also sparked a raging debate among hundreds of commenters.  The parents have been called child abusers, encouraging “morbid behavior” and putting their child at risk for disease. The child has been called a “future murderer”, playing with a dead animal without any sense of remorse.

See the video everyone is freaking out about after the jump.

If you listen to the dialogue, you will learn that the squirrel was supposedly killed by the greyhound who appears late in the video. Based on the squirrel’s limp body, the killing seems to have occurred quite recently. The parents seem unhysterical about the whole thing. The mom claps her hand over her mouth, but remains calm and doesn’t suggest her daughter stop. The dad tells the little girl she will need to take a bath afterwards. Is this reaction appropriate?

Here’s what people are saying:

“The little girl is adorable but this is disgusting! I would NEVER allow my child to play with a filthy, dead animal! Are you mad!??”

“If he had said ‘now let’s go eat dinner’ THEN that would be bad parenting, but he said “Okay now let’s take a bath.” Teaching the girl that satisfying your curiosity is a great thing as long as you’re safe about it.”

“The father is not condoning morbid behaviour but reveling in the innocence of his child, plus it’s a hilarious situation that’s bound not to happen again. The child’s fine but I recommend some laxatives for the anal retentive viewers leaving phobic comments.”

If your kid picked up a dead squirrel, what would you do?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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