Little Girls Make Awesome Superheroes (Photos)

There’s a movement in little pockets all over the web to popularize the notion that superheroes aren’t just for boys and men. Sites like Superheroes are for girls, too! feature all kinds of great photos of little girls rocking their capes and masks in a way that would make any villain’s knees buckle. The idea that girls also enjoy dressing as powerful pretend characters will seem obvious to most parents (or any woman who grew up in the late 70’s/early 80’s wearing WONDER WOMAN UNDEROOS!), but it’s an idea many in the cosplay/comic book community feel bears reinforcing.

Not only do little girls like dressing as superheroes as much as their male counterparts do, they also don’t project sexuality onto the female hero characters they love, even when the characters are drawn in a sexualized manner in their respective comics. That’s something artist Alexandria Law noticed and appreciated, and so she began drawing comic book versions of female superheroes based on the way little girls emulate them. These “grown up little girl superheroes” seem much more prepared to kick butt in battle, if only because they’re fully clothed and not wearing dangerous shoes.

Law has graciously allowed me to show you her current collection of drawings next to the photos that inspired them, interspersed below with more photos of little girls looking fierce in their best superhero getups:

[collection type=’slideshow’ style=’classic’]

For more of Law’s work, follow her on Tumblr. I found Law’s site via Jezebel.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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