Look! 10 Hats from the Early 1900s That Will Make You Appreciate Your Baseball Cap

15 Hats from the 1900sI am a ponytail, jeans, and t-shirt kind of gal. While I admire the women I bump into at my child’s daycare decked out in their finest business casual, hair neatly coiffed, wearing heels and matching bag, nature has not equipped me with a sense for fashion. ┬áLucky for me and for other moms like me, we live in a time where jeans are a staple of most everyone’s wardrobe and sporting them on a trip into town to run errands doesn’t raise eyebrows.

Women of decades past were not so lucky. Take for instance the women captured in this collection of photographs from the early 1900s who, in order to keep up with the latest trends, chose to pair their multi-layered floor length skirts with opulent, wide-brimmed hats. On the up-side, they could easily disguise the most tragic of hair days. On the down-side, their necks must have ached after a day spent supporting their fashion statement and can you imagine chasing a kid around in one of these monstrosities?

Side note, Lady Gaga would have fit right into this era in history. Check out these vintage photographs of ladies in hats after the jump:

  • Lady friend to the Gods 1 of 10
    Lady friend to the Gods
    This is the perfect hat to wear on a date. You know, if your date is the mythological God Hermes.
  • Nice feather 2 of 10
    Nice feather
    Yankee Doodle Dandy would call this hat macaroni.
  • Nice palm tree 3 of 10
    Nice palm tree
    Or is that an arrow? A hummingbird?
  • A polished take on punk 4 of 10
    A polished take on punk
    Who knew the mohawk originated in ladies' wear in the early 1900s?
  • Wildlife wear 5 of 10
    Wildlife wear
    Ma'am, I don't mean to alarm you, but I think a hedgehog has made a home on your head.
  • Keep your head up 6 of 10
    Keep your head up
    Actually, go on and rest your head on that chair in front of you. Your neck needs a break from supporting all that you've got going on up top.
  • Doubles as a weapon 7 of 10
    Doubles as a weapon
    This is the hat you wear when you need personal space. Just turn a circle and clear everything in your path with your fancy feathered lady hat.
  • Sister subdued 8 of 10
    Sister subdued
    I bet this lady felt like the conservative one at the lady's luncheon.
  • Fowl 9 of 10
    For reasons unknown to me, this hat is particularly horrifying. Those feathers look dangerous.
  • A hat for the history buff 10 of 10
    A hat for the history buff
    This lady seems to be giving a tip of her hat to Napoleon Bonaparte.

All images courtesy of Underwood and Underwood Photography. See even more hats on Retronaut.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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