Lottery Tickets in Kids Stockings a No No

lotto-scratch-offThey’re a popular stocking stuffer, but lottery officials are telling parents to skip out on the tickets this year.

Did you just say oops? You and a lot of parents. One study estimates nineteen percent of teens receive lottery tickets for Christmas, the bulk of which come from a member of the family. A host of states offer up a special “stocking stuffer” lottery game around this time of year. In South Dakota, it could earn you $1,000 in 2009. In Arkansas the loot is $15,000.

But in many states, the minimum age for purchasing a ticket is eighteen. In some it’s as high as twenty-one. And while some allow a minor child to cash out a gifted ticket, others require an adult collect the winnings.

The National Campaign on Problem Gambling’s holiday campaign has joined forces with a number of states to warn parents they could be opening their kids up to a lifetime of gambling problems with that little scratch-off fun. Sounds like our kids will have to make do with scratching off the little silver circles on the Highlights magazine offer this year.

Do you stuff their stocking with lottery tickets?

Image: meddy garnet via flickr

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