Love! 25 Totally Adorable Vintage Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine's Day

There is something so adorable about a classic vintage Valentine’s Day card. They can be sentimental, sweet and sometimes silly. But times have changed. These days the store bought cards are more likely to have Dora the Explorer , Spiderman or Justin Bieber on them. Yes, they are sorely lacking the style and substance of the days of yore.

Vintage Valentines included humorous illustrations with popular motifs of cherub-faced children and cute animals with the occasional fork, egg, and mermaid thrown in.  From their pitiful puns to their sweet sentiments, take a journey back in time with this collection of vintage Valentines.

Which one is your favorite?

  • Be My Honey Lamb 1 of 24
    Be My Honey Lamb
    Seriously, nothing is cuter than a little lamb. It's hard not to feel the love with this one.

    Source: Design Interviews

  • I’ve Got You Hooked 2 of 24
    I've Got You Hooked
    The perfect card for that mermaid/man relationship.

    Source: Flickr

  • I’d Like to Planet 3 of 24
    I'd Like to Planet
    Yes, sometimes the puns can be way off, but the cuteness of the images make up for it.

    Source: Zwani

  • Salt and Pepper 4 of 24
    Salt and Pepper
    For that spicy romance.

    Source: Two Crazy Crafters

  • I Took A Dive 5 of 24
    I Took A Dive
    This little girl, she not only brings the love but also a life preserver.

    Source: Kitsch-Slapped

  • Will You Bee Mine? 6 of 24
    Will You Bee Mine?
    As sweet as honey, no?

    Bird House Books

  • It’s on the Tip of My Tongue 7 of 24
    It's on the Tip of My Tongue
    Nothing says love more than a cute elephant, okay maybe not but it's still adorable.


  • It’s a Match! 8 of 24
    It's a Match!
    For that really hot relationship.

    Source: Astros Mashley

  • I’ll Come Clean 9 of 24
    I'll Come Clean
    Valentine Day mixed with hygiene.

    Source: Alpha Mom

  • Matey! 10 of 24
    C'mon be Matey Valentine, yes it doesn't work on the pun level but the sailor outfit saves it.

    Source: Flick River

  • Cross 11 of 24
    This one is more silly than sweet, but it's still pretty damn cute.

    Source: Tip Nut

  • Eggs! 12 of 24
    Love the pun here: "Maybe I'm Just 'Small Fry' but I'm a 'Good Egg' with a 'Heart of Gold'."

    Eds Hunny Bunny

  • Tea Time 13 of 24
    Tea Time
    This time the tea is very very sweet.

    Photo: GF Pastor's Wife

  • Fly Away With Me 14 of 24
    Fly Away With Me
    This airplane is built just for two, perfect for Valentine's Day.

    Source: Eclectic

  • Fork Over Your Heart 15 of 24
    Fork Over Your Heart
    She's hungry for love!

    Source: CDN 2

  • Milky Goodness 16 of 24
    Milky Goodness
    Some pure milky goodness. Yum.

    Source: Cowie and Fox

  • Pop Corny 17 of 24
    Pop Corny
    Yes, it's a "corny" card, but it's still adorable.

    Source: I Heart My Red Dress

  • Same Old Refrain 18 of 24
    Same Old Refrain
    It's a song that many would like to hear over and over.

  • In Knots 19 of 24
    In Knots
    The warmest love needs something to keep them even more warm.

    Source: Nibs Blog

  • One Heart 20 of 24
    One Heart
    For those who happen to share a heart.

    Source: Design Interviews

  • A Trunk of Love 21 of 24
    A Trunk of Love
    This trunk is filled with love, lots and lots of love.


  • Boing! 22 of 24
    What happens when your heart "pops."

    Bird House Books

  • Making the Grade 23 of 24
    Making the Grade
    A bit of love in the classroom.

    Source: Design Interviews

  • Clowning Around 24 of 24
    Clowning Around
    Yes, I'm usually creeped out by clowns, but this is pretty cute.




Article Posted 5 years Ago

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