Mad Kid Sells Mom's Nude Pics Online

Here’s another one to throw in the “why you should never piss off your kids” file. At least, you might not want to piss them off if you know they have access to nude pictures of you.

Wait a minute, you might just want to make sure your kids never have access to nude pictures of you . . .

But a New Zealand mother told her teenage son to clean out their garage, with the proviso that he could sell the “trash” online and keep the cash. Michael told the Herald on Sunday newspaper he was pissed at mom . . . and he put the five racy pics up for sale as “a bit of a joke.”

When she found out, Jennifer was mad. But not too mad. She called him “a cheeky little git,” and complimented him on his creativity. Um, not the exact reaction we were expecting, but hey. I guess it’s harder to send an eighteen-year-old to time out . . . especially after he’s seen your nudey pics.

Now here’s the kicker: Mom had MORE pictures lying around, racy but not nude, which she gave the OK for Michael to sell online. Now she’s truly pissed . . . but not at him.

The Kiwi version of eBay, Trade Me, yanked the photos . . . and says Jennifer’s were the first of a mom wearing undies that had been listed. When she put up a fight (she wanted the profits, she says, but even more – she liked all the nice comments for her mom body), they put them back up – but they’ve said no more undies shots online.

I’m not judging a woman for having some racy pictures taken, but A. how do you let them fall in the hands of your kid, even a teenaged one? and B. how do you not get pissed at your kid for trying to sell them?

Oh, and how about a C. what kind of kid doesn’t go aaaaack and run away from pictures of his mom nekkid? Cheeky git indeed.

Image: New Zealand Herald

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