Mad Men Style Cheat Sheet For Cocktail Kids

sally-draper-cocktail-cheat-sheetI’m starting to think Mad Men was created to take the pressure off today’s parent. Lined up against smoking, drinking Betty Draper, who allows her elementary schooler to take driving lessons with her crazy grandpa and pretends away her kids’ feelings, we are all up for mother of the year.

But has that much changed since the sixties? Nobody’s Sweetheart, creator of the best Mad Men memorabilia on the net, has a two-part series of “Sally Draper Cocktail Cheat Sheets” that are both retrolicious and satirically hysterical.

The first asks “What’ll It Be Daddy”, the second “The Usual Mommy?” offering up real recipes for our favorite old-fashioned drinks (although conspicuously missing IS the old-fashioned, sigh).

I can’t say my parents ever sent me off to mix up a vodka gimlet . . . or a pink lady for that matter. Their drink of choice was coffee, and a lot of it. By the time I was old enough to lift the full water pitcher up to the top of the pot, I was the designated coffee maker – at all hours of the day. No surprise, then, that I’m one of the rare American adults who can’t stand even a whiff of coffee.


But I knew a fair amount of kids who made their parents drinks, or,  at the very least, grabbed a beer from the fridge. I’m even going to risk saying it: I don’t think it harmed them irreparably – provided theirs weren’t the drunk parents who were demanding the booze on a nightly basis (no doubt, those kids were harmed).

Would you let your kids serve up sidecars Mad Men style?

Image: Nobody’s Sweetheart

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