Make Babies More Fun: Throw, Jump and Pour Ice Water on Them

Face it, babies are boring. They eat, they sleep. Total snooze fest. Who needs it? Time to spice that kid; Michael Bay that baby. Momlogic found some great methods from around the world to make parenthood way funner. For instance, in one Indian village they’ve been throwing babies off a 50-foot temple for over 500 years! And all we got for a tradition here is stupid Thanksgiving Day.

Only problem is, a newborn can’t really comprehend the cruelty heaped upon them. Thankfully, the Russian invented misery. There they make daycare kids run in the snow in only underwear while caretakers “toughen” them by drenching their little bodies in ice cold water.

VIDEO: cold russian babies

You heard it, parents are queuing up to get their kids in this program, because when it comes to freezing the lil’ bits off your kids, you want to leave that to the professionals.

Satan been bugging your baby? Chase that demon away by jumping your baby like Evil Knievel over the Snake River Canyon. That’s what they’ve been doing in Spain, every May 25th since 1620.

Let's hope Satan don't trip.
Let's hope Satan don't trip.

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