Making Beautiful Bedrooms for Children with Disabilities

A fantasy bedroom for a history buff?

I admit that when I first saw this story about an organization that designs bedrooms for low income children with disabilities, I was like “bedrooms, what’s the big deal?”

But then I read how the organization, Blissful Bedrooms, works.  Just like on TV makeover shows, they come in and spend a whole weekend working with the young person and figuring out what he needs and love.

Imagine what that’s like for a young person with disabilities who gets a lot of attention for what he can’t do, imagine what it means to get a lot of attention for what he loves?

The founder of Blissful Bedrooms, Martha Gold-Dvoryadkin, is quoted in the NPR story saying, “They (the young men and women) don’t get to have these moments, these big milestones…..This is very intense. The fact that so many cared about them and made them the focus of attention for an entire weekend. I mean, that whole experience is incredible for them.”

Volunteers who work on the bedrooms build customized vanities and bookshelves and sew comforters and pillows. Some found out about the organization through Craig’s List ads, others through Facebook and Twitter.  For them, the experience of redesigning a room is also powerful.  And when you check out the pictures, you’ll see why. Plus, you’ll have a whole host of bedroom decorating ideas. Just like they say, the best lesson of the Christmas season reminds us it’s better to give than receive.

If you could makeover one room of your house which would it be? If you could design a bedroom for anyone, who would it be?

photo credit: Andreas Praefcke/Wikimedia

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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