Making Love While Mad: Real Life Occurrence or Television Phenomenon?

This weekend I was catching up on last week’s episode of Private Practice.  Throughout the show Jake and Addison were butting heads regarding one of Jake’s patients. Towards the very end of the episode Jake asks Addison if she is headed home and she replies asking him if that is his way of apologizing.

Jake advises Addison that he has nothing to apologize for and explains to her that there will be times when they don’t agree. He continues noting that she could either stay mad or they could go home and pick up where they left off.

Addison’s reply: “Were still fighting.”

Jake’s counter response: “I’m not opposed to angry sex.”

Angry sex. Am I missing something? I have heard of this many times before but on television, never in real life. Do couples actually want to have sex when they are mad at each other? Clearly she must not have been that mad at Jake but what happens in the real world?

In real life I have only heard stories of “I’m angry, so no sex” but not “I’m angry let’s have sex.” It has been my understanding that when we women are angry the last thing we want to do is make love, especially when our significant other is the cause of our frustration. Instead we decide not to give our spouses the one thing we are almost certain that they want sex. How many times have you been so irritated or annoyed that the last thing you wanted was to engage in some loving between the sheets? Ever threatened your partner telling them they weren’t getting any because they rubbed you the wrong way? Okay. Me neither. I’d never do that.

But seriously, do share lovelies. Is angry sex just something that makes for good television or is it possible to have an argument end in the bedroom rather than with your significant other sleeping on the couch?


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