Male Student Given the Boot for Wearing High Heels to Class

High heel shoes
If it isn't against the dress code, then why should male students be allowed to wear high heels to class?

A boy at Riverview High School in Tampa, Fla., was kicked out of class for donning a pair of pumps.

The school’s principal, Bob Heilman, who was alerted by the boy’s teacher that the shoes were causing a disruption and the kids were starting to call him names, eventually convinced the boy to take off the shoes. Heilman claims he made the boy leave class because he was concerned for his safety.

If that’s the case, however, wouldn’t it have made more sense to throw the bullies out of class? Particularly since Heilman conceded the shoes weren’t breaking any part of the school’s dress code?

A friend of the boy told Fox News the boy likes the way the shoes make him feel, and that they give him confidence. The first time he felt any shame, according to the friend, was when he was called out of school.

I feel terrible for the boy and think the principal couldn’t have been more wrong. Why not call out the kids causing the disruption and let them know in no uncertain terms that their behavior was unacceptable and inappropriate instead of further singling out the one kid whose behavior and wardrobe were perfectly acceptable and appropriate?

If there’s ever been a case when a person in a position of power has had an opportunity to teach a lesson to some bullies, this was it. This principal blew it. Big time. Talk about sending the wrong message.

Do you think the boy should have been “convinced” to take off his high heel shoes and/or taken out of class?

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