Males More Evolved than Females, Says Study

Men are primitive, or so goes the popular opinion. Thousands of books authored by men and women hinge on this notion. However; new research indicates males are the more “advanced” of the species.

A study, published in the journal Nature, finds that the Y chromosome (the male chromosome) is evolving at a far faster rate than the rest of the human genetic code. By comparing genes of humans to monkeys, the researchers found the human male chromosome is 30% different than monkey genes, whereas the rest of the human genetic code is only 2% different than that of monkeys. So ladies, next time you call a guy a “big dumb ape” you might want to remember you are more closely related to monkeys than he.

Lead author Jennifer Hughes hastens to point out speedy evolution doesn’t exactly mean more evolved “better.”

The image of the knuckle dragging, unevolved man is almost a little too easy recall. Everything we hear about the differences between males and females gives the impression that the female is the more advanced of the species. Females are better multi-taskers, have a higher threshold for pain, often are smarter and faster learners, possess more resilient bodies, etc. Men usually are characterized as aggressive, act-first-think-later boneheads, a portrayal most guys take good-naturedly on the chin.

This study gave me pause. My children are almost painfully stereotypical. My boy loves trucks, Batman, balls, always wants to play fight and won’t touch anything that isn’t the color blue. My daughter loves ponies, princesses and obsesses over the color pink (though I’ve give props to Jillian, she’s up for a little play kung fu and baseball now and then). The strange thing is my wife and I consciously tried to avoid “gender typing” them or guiding them to traditional boy and girls roles. I’m sure watching TV and interacting with their peers enforces some of those gender types, but I must imagine Nicole and I are passing along gender training unconsciously because every person has a deeply engrained concept of what it means to be “male” and “female.” Perhaps studies like this will remind us that we still have a lot of pre-conceived notions to deconstruct.

Source: ABC News


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