Mall Santa In Maine Fired For Rudeness

Mall Santa In Maine Fired For Rudeness via Babble

Out of all the jolly St. Nicks you’ve ever been to in your children’s lives, how many of them have been rude? I don’t think I’ve encountered a bad Santa, but many have their own horror stories. From Santas with liquor on their breath to Santas who were less than friendly, not every child has a positive experience with the jolly old fella. That’s unfortunate because the entire reason for anyone taking their kids to visit Santa is to give them an exciting or, better yet, heartwarming memory as a child.

One Santa in a Maine mall not only failed to live up to his job description, but he was rude and just plain mean to the children. He refused to let one little girl sit on his lap when her parents didn’t want to pay for the photo. Then when she told him she wanted an American Girl doll, he said she’d get an “American football.” Naughty indeed. Her parents were naturally annoyed and called the mall to complain.

The mom wrote about her experience online and then learned that similar complaints about this same Santa had been filed. He was fired soon after.

I admit that my vision of happy, loving Santas was heavily clouded by this week’s episode of American Horror Story (in which Santa is a serial murderer). For me, that kind of brought a demonic feel to the red-suited white beards. My youngest refused to sit on Santa’s lap since he was about three, so finding a suitable and sane Santa is not a dilemma for me anymore.

How about you? Have you had a bad Santa experience? Share your story with us below.

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