Mama’s Day Our Way: Mother’s Day Cards for Non-Traditional Families

The Mother’s Day card selection at your local Walgreens or CVS is pretty limited. Yes, there are plenty of pretty cards with flowers, butterflies and a plethora of pastels, but the cards are generally very traditional and celebrate the “traditional” family or mother. But what about the rest of the mothers – or mother figures – out there. Where are their cards? The non-profit Strong Families has created a beautiful collection of e-cards for “Mama’s Day Our Way.”  Check out some of the cards celebrating all sorts of moms right here:

  • Chosen 1 of 10
    Strong 2

    Sometimes your mother figure isn't the one that gave birth to you. Instead sometimes you choose your own mother. This card celebrates those mothers that may not be blood relations but who are just as important.

  • Moms 2 of 10
    Strong 6

    This card celebrates not just one mother but two, there is certainly a whole lot of love here.

  • Breastfeeding 3 of 10
    strong 3

    This beautiful card celebrates a mother in one of her most intimate and important moments, nursing her baby.

  • Ability 4 of 10
    Strong 10

    "Your ability to love is limit less." Very true, very true.

  • Dads 5 of 10
    strong 5

    Mama's Day doesn't just celebrate mamas but also dads!

  • Home Grown 6 of 10
    Strong 8

    "Home grown - midwife delivered." A celebration of the baby born with the help of a midwife.

  • Protest Mom 7 of 10
    strong 7

    This card celebrates the mom who fights for the right's of others.

  • The Nanny Mom 8 of 10
    strong 11

    This Mary Poppins inspired card pays tribute to those hired mother figures - the nannies.

  • Pregnant and Strong 9 of 10
    strong 12

    I love the strong message of this one, pregnant women are indeed fierce.

  • Birthright 10 of 10
    stronng families

    "It is our birthright." You said it!


Photo Source: Strong Families

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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