Man Arrested for Kissing Daughter

12754_hand_cuffsAre you an affectionate father?  Good for you.  Might want to reign that in, however, if you ever visit Brazil.  Thanks to a new law intended to crack down on pedophiles traveling to the area to prey on young girls, an Italian man was arrested recently for kissing his own daughter in public.

Father, mother and daughter all insist that it was simple, playful, parental affection.  Yet the man remains jailed a week later.

What happened was this:  The family vacations regularly in Fortaleza, an area that struggles with an influx of foreign pedophiles to the point where hotels actually put up signs warning hotel guests.  The unnamed Italian man is white, while his wife is from Brazil.  The man and his daughter were playing in the pool when an older Brazilian couple — who didn’t know the pair were father and daughter — took offense and alerted authorities.

Though both daughter and wife — who witnessed the entire event and feels that the situation was misinterpreted by the Brazilian couple — explained what had happened, but the man was hauled away anyway.  If charges are not dropped, he faces 8 to 15 years in jail.

On the surface, this seems to be a terrible misunderstanding.  Even hotel staff say that they saw the pair in the pool and did not see any behavior that was out of the ordinary.  If it’s as simple as that, then authorities should have let this dad go days ago, since he clearly isn’t a foreigner traveling to the region to support the sex tourism trade.

So here’s a question for you dads out there:  Does public perception play a role in how much affection your give your daughters when you’re out in public?  And how does the way that you show affection change as your girls get older?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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