Man Becomes Father, Grandfather and Great-Grandfather Within 3 Months

patrick sloan, great-grandparents, four generations in one lap
Four generations in one lap.

A British man has become a father, grandfather and great-grandfather all within a span of three months. First, Patrick Sloan, 60, “became a dad for the fourth time 28 years after the birth of his third child,” the Daily Record reports. His 39-year-old wife Joanne had a son, Ethan, in March. In June, Patrick’s 18-year-old granddaughter Fern had a boy named Mason. Almost two weeks later, Patrick’s daughter, Odette – who is Fern’s mom – gave birth to a boy named Leonard. So that means…

“Ethan is Mason’s great-uncle, Fern has a new uncle as well as a new son, and Odette is celebrating the arrival of a son, a grandson and a half-brother who is 35 years younger than she is,” the Daily Record notes. Did you follow all that? Ethan is also uncle to Odette’s sons, Joel, 10, and baby Leonard, as well as three other kids in the family.

Patrick had a vasectomy reversed so he could become a father at age 60, and he’s worried that people will judge him for having a child at such an advanced age, but says he has no regrets. Joanne, Odette and Fern say “they’ve been swapping tips and helping each other out with their youngsters.” Odette told reporters, “It was strange knowing I was pregnant at the same time as my daughter and my mother-in-law. But at least I knew I could help Fern and be there for her whenever she needed me.”

I’m sure Odette will be saying things like, “Fern, get your brother, I mean – son” and Patrick will be saying things like, “Whose baby is this?” But it sounds like this family is about to have a fun few years. Do any of you have similar stories about having a child and a grandchild the same age, a la the Duggar family? What about a niece or nephew who is older than you or an uncle or aunt who is younger than you?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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