Man Has 84 Kids

Daad Mohammed (actually pronounced Dad) is the proud poppa of 84 children birthed by 17 wives. This guy’s pick-up lines must be killer.

Daad (let’s call him Daad, shall we?) has 4 wives at any given time. Any wife you can’t produce children gets the boot. At 60 years of age, it’s the UAE man’s goal to have 100 kids by 2015. In time for tax season, I’ll assume. And he’s keeps at that goal by having sex no less than 11 times a day. Oh, and Daad’s only got one leg.

So yeah, this guy is the Michael Phelps of baby making, or is it the Wilt Chamberlin, but what does a man need with centuplicates? Ease in the car pool lane? All I can say is going to Chuck E. Cheese must be a riot.


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