Man Makes Fort With Menu After Arguing With Girlfriend At Restaurant (PHOTO)

Adam Howell's photo of couple at Olive GardenThis weekend while at Disneyland I held my camera phone up to take a picture. A man standing in the same direction anxiously looked at me and shuffled around. “Don’t worry, you’re not in the picture,” I said as I smiled. “Ok, good,” he responded. “You don’t want some random stranger in your photo anyway.” I laughed nodding in agreement. I didn’t. And I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten ready to post a picture on my blog or the Internet only to notice someone doing something unbecoming aka gross in the background or the fact that a body part attached to an unsuspecting human being is sure to take away from my photo and sadly it can not be cropped.

I have wondered on occasion what photos are looming around on the Internet or iPhone camera rolls of me, those unbecoming shots that somehow landed into the hands of another, possibly becoming the butt of a joke on someone’s Facebook or Twitter stream.

And then there are the photos that aren’t accidents; the ones that people take of strangers who somehow caught their eye. Fingers crossed there are no photos of me circulating on the Internet that might suggest that I am less mature than my own eight year old. I can think of several occasions in which after having a disagreement with my husband I didn’t act like my best version of myself.

A photo taken and tweeted by Adam Howell is making its rounds across the Internet and it has me thinking about all of these things. I first saw it on The Huffington Post. It features a couple eating at Olive Garden, who apparently weren’t seeing eye to eye. In what The Huffington Post refers to as “possibly the worst date in history” the couple sat down after engaging in some “bickering.” While many of us might continue our date with arms crossed, the silent treatment or occasional eye rolling (or if we are feeling rather adventurous forgive and move on) the gentleman opted to make a fort using his menu.

I admit there have been times when my husband and I have sat down to dinner upset with one another but the idea of making a fort has never crossed either of our minds, my mind I know for sure. Perhaps we are less resourceful than we might think.

While many parents try to be careful about how they carry themselves so as not to be a poor example to their children who are always watching, looks like adults are watching too and maybe even tweeting. The gentleman in this photo gets an A for resourcefulness and the photo definitely might make you laugh, but then it leads you to say wow. Acting grownup definitely isn’t a prerequisite for being an actual grownup.

For some background on this photo as well as statements from the man who captured this hilarious photograph visit The Huffington Post.

Photo from Adam Howell’s Twitter stream. Used with Permission.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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