Man Sues Wife For ‘Ugly’ Children and I Don’t Blame Him

Let’s get a couple things out of the way right out of the gate:

“Ugly” is as subjective as the term “beautiful,” so calling someone ugly, especially your own children, says a whole lot more about your ugliness than theirs.

Anyone who calls their children ugly is a spectacular jerk.

Anyone who places so much value in appearance needs therapy.

Are we all in agreement on these things before I jump into my unlikely defense of the husband and father I’m about to tell you about?

According to RT.com, Jian Feng, living in Northern China, filed for divorce from his wife after he found their newborn child to be “incredibly ugly.” Feng said his wife tricked him into marriage by appearing to be a beautiful woman, when she was instead ugly.

“I married my wife out of love, but as soon as we had our first daughter, we began having marital issues. Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me,” the dad of three said.

Feng was so upset by his daughter’s appearance that he accused his wife of cheating on him. It was only then that she revealed the truth: she underwent more than $100,000 in plastic surgery before she met him.

So Feng sued and won his freedom from the bonds of marriage and a $120,000 settlement.

Frankly, his wife dodged a bullet as well, because what a jerk.


You knew that big but was coming, didn’t you? Let us set aside the fact that Feng is a jerk, a terrible father, and a revolting husband. Can we all acknowledge the simple fact that a large number of people marry with the thought of procreation forefront in their minds? Can we also agree that, while it feels a bit unseemly to acknowledge it, appearance plays into that decision?

Is keeping extensive plastic surgery a secret from a potential mate a deception worthy of fraud? People seeking an annulment can legally obtain one for the following reasons:

  • You married based upon misrepresentations of the other party about his/her sexual preference, wanting to have children, having sex, living together or fraud in the inducement, i.e., you discussed an issue essential to the marriage before getting married and your prospective spouse deceived you on that issue.
  • You married based upon material omissions of the other party about needing a green card, needing a sponsor, needing your money, having a felony record, having serious debt or anything which if discussed you would not have married that person had you known the truth.

Surely concealment of getting so much plastic surgery that your spouse is shocked by the appearance of your children falls under this umbrella? Or are the choices people make regarding their own bodies information that only belongs to them? Could this scenario be compared to a transsexual who used to be a man? Isn’t she obligated to tell any potential mates that she cannot naturally conceive children? Does the same argument hold in this case in China? Is an attractive person obligated to tell their mate their children may not look how they expect?

*Update: Turns out this story is, as Snopes says, “probably false” because “it apparently originated as a single-source item printed in a Chinese newspaper (the Heilongjiang Morning Post) known for publishing urban-legend like tales without verification.” It’s been circulating on the Internet for some time now and while it hasn’t been proven to be fact it hasn’t been totally disproved. Either way it brings up some interesting points in this day and age when plastic surgery is as common as having your wisdom teeth pulled. What do you think? Would you want the parent of your future children to disclose face-altering plastic surgery or is that what they do with their own body, especially before they met you, none of your business?

Image source: RT.com

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